Hacked Tesla FSD Beta Demo From Ukraine Validates Elon Musk’s Autopilot Vision

Tesla’s approach to full self-driving differs from that of autonomous “leaders” like Waymo and Cruise. Instead of relying on an army of sensors like LiDAR and high-definition maps, Tesla is practically betting its future on a vision + artificial intelligence approach. The idea is simple: If humans can drive effectively with their eyes and brain, then cars should also be able to navigate safely with a suite of cameras and a trained neural network.

This approach has drawn much controversy and criticism against Tesla and its FSD strategy. For example, an annual report by Guidehouse Insights consistently ranks Tesla last among companies currently working on autonomous driving technologies. Yet despite this skepticism, it’s hard to deny that Tesla’s FSD approach has some serious backing from some of the world’s most brilliant minds in computing and artificial intelligence.

That being said, if recent video from Ukraine is any indication, it appears that Tesla’s approach to autonomy may actually be the right way to go. video posted on Doctor Elon YouTube channel purported to be a hacked version of FSD beta 8.2 running in the center of Kiev, Ukraine. Users of the vehicle were able to access the “developer” version of the FSD beta, which was used on busy city streets.

While the FSD beta 8.2 certainly wasn’t perfect when driving on Kiev’s roads, the advanced driver-assistance system’s performance wasn’t bad at all. Despite apparently having no pre-mapped data of the city, FSD beta 8.2 was able to navigate the streets of Kiev using only its cameras, radar and navigation maps. If testers had used a more updated iteration of the FSD beta, such as the Pure Vision builds that were rolled out with the V9, the advanced driver-assistance system would have performed even better.

The hacked FSD beta drive in Kiev finally shows that Tesla’s approach to autonomy may have some merit. Admittedly, developing an autonomous driving system that uses only vision and artificial intelligence is a daunting task, but if the company proves successful, it could single-handedly enter the era of fully self-driving cars. can. Even a fully-equipped robotaxi, from Waymo or Cruze, probably wouldn’t perform anywhere near FSD beta 8.2 if it were left to navigate the streets of Ukraine.

Watch FSD Beta navigate through the streets of Kiev in the video below.

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Hacked Tesla FSD Beta Demo From Ukraine Validates Elon Musk’s Autopilot Vision

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