Get Tesla’s white seats, for goodness sake!

One of the toughest decisions we made when buying our Tesla Model 3 was which seats to get – black or white. maybe this will happen today the easiest Verdict – and I’m not going to use exaggeration here.

We already knew this, but after one day last week we knew it more. Or after a few minutes of a day last week. I took the Moonhopper (our Model 3) to a Tesla service center last week for a few things (story to come), and we found a Model 3 loaner with black seats while the Moonhopper was getting his special spa treatment. We were as excited as we were curious how we’d like the black interior. The most popular hit was the cloth part of the door (or whatever it is called if it is not called the cloth). Wood trim was semi popular. However… that was about it.

No one was thrilled about the black seats. My wife, my daughters, and I all loved the white seats. Ironically, even though many people worry about white seats getting dirty, there are actually many spots or marks that are more visible on black ones. They seem to get dirty more easily than the white seats. Also, as I noted back when we bought the car and chose the white seats, the white vegan leather is softer. When cleantechnica In a 2019 tour of Tesla’s seat factory, top managers there noted that the seat materials actually came from different companies. They weren’t inclined to say that one was better than the other, but Elon Musk has also recommended white seats in the past when asked on Twitter or elsewhere. But all of the above are relatively minor things compared to the point that made me write this article. …

Black seats get freakin hot. And it’s not pleasant. We left the car in the sun for a while between coming home and going to pick up our eldest daughter from school. When we came back to him and got into the car, I was stunned by how hot the seats had gotten. Of course, this creates a lot of heat in the air for a few minutes after you come in and the AC gets stronger – which is totally bleh. Yes, I’m from Florida and familiar with this experience, but nothing like this happens with our Model 3 with white seats, so it completely surprised me—like a slap in the face. I said something like,Nonsense! Thank god we got white seats!

Yes, you can pre-cool the car, but 1) you always have to remember to do this (good luck), and 2) I don’t think it’s going to completely prevent the problem. Also, whether you have pre-cooled the car or checked the setting to prevent car damage blazing heat When you’re not at it, more electricity is needed to cool off the excess heat. It’s not worth it. Just go with white!

OK, I’m fine with your decision to go with black seats if you really prefer black for aesthetic reasons, but otherwise, well, I recommend white now more than ever.

We’re two years into it, and for more details and specifics on how our seats have fared, you can watch the video above. They are not perfect. If I get a new car today there are some issues, and there are also things Tesla has improved with regards to white seats. However, the short story is, if I were in the market for a new Tesla today it would probably have been the easiest decision to choose white seats over black seats.

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