Gas Station Simulator Review: Losing Track of Time Managing Gas Station (PC)

Gas Station Simulator is one of those fun games that grows on you the more you play. Most of the things simulated in the game can be considered boring in real life, but doing boring things can be relaxing and sometimes enjoyable.

I don’t think many people will see working in a gas station as a dream job, but doing all the work involved can be brain-pleasing, at least virtually. Gas Station Simulator doesn’t take itself too seriously, yet I had to take my job very seriously in order to be successful.

As the name suggests, Gas Station Simulator puts you in the shoes of the sole proprietor of an old gas station on Route 66. Except for some very old buildings and an old bulldozer, there is nothing on the property you bought with the money you received after selling your car that you got there.

Since you spent everything you had to buy a gas station, your uncle borrows some money from you to get the tools you need to repair things that can be repaired and what needs to be replaced or what is missing. Have to buy it. Going forward, the game seems like a race to the finish due to the addictive gameplay loop that requires heightened micro-management of your gas station business.

Even though you will start the game by selling gas, you have to expand your business if you want to survive. Adding a workshop where cars can be repaired and converting one of the older buildings from your property into a warehouse would be the first thing you would do with the money you received.

Stocking your gas station with snacks, drinks, ice cream, alcohol, and tobacco means you’ll add one more chore to the list of things you need to do when managing a gas station. I spent most of my time in the guest station simulator behind the register serving customers. Becoming a cashier can be boring and soothing at the same time, depending on whether you decide to unplug your mind.

The goal of the game is to upgrade your gas station to the highest level, but before you can do that, you’ll need to complete various challenges. They are not challenging, only time consuming objectives like serving 100 customers, repairing 15 cars and selling gas to 20 people. On the bright side, you’ll be doing these things anyway to try to expand your business.Of course, it’s aliens!
Speaking of expanding your business, every time you upgrade your gas station, you get access to new gameplay features and products that you can sell. You can also upgrade your other buildings to make them more efficient. For example, you get more space to store products in your warehouse or you can replace more car parts in your workshop if you upgrade it. Naturally, it wouldn’t be a serious gas station simulator without customization options. Painting your gas station green or red won’t attract more customers, but it will certainly make it stand out.

But what makes your business unique is Dennis, a quirky character who will visit your property from time to time and paint the graffiti at your gas station. Just make sure you don’t leave your warehouse doors open, or Dennis will rob you.

Even though the game warned me to be prepared, the thing that surprised me was exactly when I upgraded a spot in front of the gas station to a bus station. Instead of a crowd of customers, I … was “overrun” by dancing aliens. Well, let’s say they were people wearing alien masks. It’s a fun and extremely fascinating phenomenon as the “aliens” buy everything you have in your gas station: snacks, drinks, tobacco, alcohol, etc.


Gas Station Simulator offers players a taste of what it’s like to run a gas station. It’s true that you’ll probably spend more time becoming a cashier or repairing cars than refueling cars, but the game will eventually let you hire employees to do tasks you don’t like.

You can’t really spoil the game, yet it is quite possible to become addicted at least for several hours. Progress is well thought out to keep you going, even if things get boring at some point. Overall, Gas Station Simulator has its own problems (bugs, glitches), But it hits all the right notes as a gas station simulator.

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