Freddy’s, Wendy’s, Waxing the City, Bluetide Car Wash and more coming to Dawley Farms

SIOUX FALLS, SD (KELO) – As traffic on Highway 100 increases, business in Dawley Farm Village is booming even more than usual.

“The opening of the interchange at 90 and 100 really helped with that traffic flow and traffic patterns, with our retailers saying they are very happy with the sales and the growth they have seen since then,” said Lloyd, vice president of Commercial Real Companies. said Raquel Blount, agent for Estate and Dawley Farms.

That success is helping secure many new businesses in this eastward development, such as Freddy’s Steakburgers and Fries, entering the Sioux Falls market for the first time.

“We are very excited about this, their position in development will be between Wendy’s which is currently under construction and the current Buffalo Wild Wings,” Blount said.

These fast-food restaurants are growing from the latest addition to the main retail bar; That part of the development is also filling up fast, with Waxing the City planning to open soon.

“We have a strip mall under construction right now, with lots of offers on all the locations in that building. Then we have two other parcels that are under contract to strip malls that are already filling up,” Blount said.

While Dawley Farm’s main retail development is filling up rapidly, only 10 percent of the entire 300-acre property is left for sale, between Arrowhead Parkway (10th Street) and 26th Street.

Blount said, “It’s really fun for us to get to this crucial point where we’re actually marketing just a few lots north of 18th Street and we’re really focused on phase two of development, which is 18th Street.” To the south of the street is the land.” .

The new $34 million Avera Health Center broke ground along 26th Street last month. There are now plans to build a new Vision Clinic next door.

“We also have a group that is under contract to land next to the vision clinic, hopefully in the next three months we will be able to announce who that is,” Blount said.

Services are also being attracted to Dawley Farms by increasing housing options; A builder just bought 10 acres to add 30 new single family and twin homes to a development near Dublin Square townhomes and the new Carlton building moving south of 18th Street.

“That building will not only contain apartments, but also a mixed-use development with space for hair, specialty medical, dry cleaners, services, which can support the growth of that housing in the area,” Blount said.

Bluetide Car Wash will also build along 18th Street near the new Glo Hotel, services also supported by employees of Capital Card Services who opened their office last year. Now a new office space will be built to the north of that building, which will attract more people to Dawley Farms.

“We will get the significant traffic flow that everyday people, services and the ability to have restaurants and retail on the site traveling through growth and bring them all together,” Blount said.

Wendy’s, under construction at Dawley Farms, is expected to open this year. Freddy’s restaurant expects to begin construction late this summer or early fall sometime next year.

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