For $6,500, Does This 1986 Toyota Van Shake You Up?

good price or no dice 1986 toyota van

Today’s good price or no dice The Toyota Van Has a Layout of What It Was Once day for small vans front seats on wheels and Engine in the middle. Let’s see if this survivor has to pay the price for getting that sexy back.

yesterday’s ads 2000 BMW M5 It’s been on Craigslist for almost a month, and our 76 percent No Dice vote on its $22,000 asking price proved a strong indicator why. Despite a long list of recent work in advertising and some artistic bokeh photography (remember?), most of you felt that At such an advanced age, buying an even car The lineage of the M5 will probably be as follows Opening a Tin of Nematodes.

Legend has it that when Steve Jobs was presenting the iPhone on stage – showing off its many tricks and capabilities – the leaders of the two then-major smartphone makers (BlackBerry’s RIM and Windows CE’s Microsoft) were watching the show and appeared as one. I was getting out. He sought assurance from his own engineers that what Jobs was showing was impossible and that his market share was secure. We all know how it ended.

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It is unlikely that the same unreliability influenced the leadership of competing car manufacturers In mid 80s When rumors began to spread that Chrysler will soon To introduce a new lineup of minivan model. Even then, When you look at some of the competing products brought to market in competition that innovative minivanIt is clear that some companies Caught flat feet.

This 1986 Toyota Van Seeking to compete in the car-buying battlefield of the American suburb, Chrysler arrived on the scene at around the same time as the van. Toyota was not a perfect foil for Chrysler’s FWD van as it was little more than a federal version of the current Japanese-market Hi-Ace, a Forward-control van that hid its engine under a hump between the front seats. Nevertheless, the attractive looks and quality of the Toyota made the van more successful than imported competitors.

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The van will eventually be replaced in the US by the Previa which today stands as one of the most interesting and innovative models sold by Toyota in the States. For various reasons, the original van has disappeared from our highways and subways.

This one, with a gray vinyl-upholstered interior in blue, looks one of the lot still succesfully kicking around. It is a window van, however, has only two front seats indicating that its previous owners used it more heyften to transport goods instead People. The ad notes custom wood paneling at the back, under which additional sound-deading has been added. A Ribbed Rubber Floor There Should Be Cleaning Back a breeze. Up front, there’s the standard dash and, more interestingly, a shifter mated to a five-speed manual transmission. It Makes This Van Even More Special Than the 1980s The take rate should have been on the manual Gaya Low.

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Power comes from a 2.2-liter inline-four of 102 horsepower. He sits between the front wheels immediately next to the driver and passenger Inner butt cheeks. The seller claims the van “runs and drives great!” And say it recently got a rebuilt power steering pump and a new air filter. good stuff, that.

The factory wheels have been shunned for some good looking aftermarket turbines. The bumpers at each end match the tires in color and finish, which is something you can’t say about most cars. There are 174,000 miles on the clock and the title is clear.

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It Looks Like a Rare Opportunity to Own a Piece of Toyota History That Might Not Be Everyone’s CupAs for the folks in the AK Van (you know who you are) we now have to decide if this van’s $6,500 asking price is justified. What do you say, is this Toyota? worth that much? Or, does that price mean it’s not van time?

You decide!

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Craigslist, or go Here If the ad disappears.

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