First electric police car begins patrol in W.Va

NITRO, W.Va. (WSAZ) — The Nitro Police Department is making history in West Virginia with the first electric police car, taking to the streets to patrol the city this week.

The custom Tesla Model 3 is part of a test to see if electric cars can save the department money and improve service, Chief Chris Fleming said. This Tesla with custom lights and radio costs $42,000, which is about $5,000 more than the typical Ford Police Cruiser used by the department, but it is expected to save at least $4,000 per year in fuel and other maintenance. Should do

“We believe that due to the fuel savings, maintenance cost and resale value, this car will be Nitro neutral for citizens,” said Mayor Dave Casebolt. “Only time will tell on this, but we’ve done a lot of research on this.”

Casebolt said Tesla is only testing one vehicle for now, but they plan to buy more electric vehicles if they are successful. He said he is also hoping that the cars of the future will help the department attract new executives.

Fleming said Nitro Police will test Tesla over the next six months and compare it to the gas and hybrid vehicles that other department officials currently drive. He understands that the electric car will have its weaknesses, but he expects them to be similar to the Ford cruisers we’ve already used.

“It has great technology that keeps us safe and helps us effectively care for the public,” said Patrolman Matthew Haynes. He will be driving the Tesla and is expected to do a lot of experiments in the coming weeks to figure out how to best use it. There has been a learning curve, but Haynes said the electric car doesn’t have the problems their typical gas-powered vehicles deal with every day.

One of the biggest concerns is how long it takes a car battery to fully charge compared to just filling it up at a gas station. Haynes said a Tesla has similar battery range to how far a tank of gas can take someone, but at a station set up in a police department, the battery can take up to eight hours to recharge.

“Right now, we’re trying to keep it charged above at least 50 percent,” Haynes said. “Whenever I’m coming back to the office to complete a report or do some sort of paperwork on an investigation, I try to keep it plugged in and keep it charged.”

“Other cars are going to be out,” Fleming said of the car’s battery, possibly needing to be charged while responding to a major incident. “If there’s a problem with the charge or something like that, we have a spare vehicle that we can replace if that happens, but I don’t see it happening. It’s very unlikely.”

So far, Haynes has found that the Tesla has very good acceleration and top speed, similar to other police cruisers. He’s also been impressed by how little road noise it makes.

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