Father says guard rail rammed his daughter’s car and killed her, NCDOT responds

GREENVILLE, NC (WNCT) — Efforts are on by some to remove specific railings from roads across the country. A Tennessee man is talking about these rails, which he says his daughter died in 2016.

Stephen Emers, a public safety advocate, says his daughter died because of the X-Light railing, which is seen today on North Carolina roadways. He is demanding to remove all these tracks from the roads.

“States all over this country have replaced the ‘X-Lights’ and North Carolina hasn’t,” Emers said. “It started when my daughter was killed, I asked a few questions and very soon I found out that the product that killed her was implicated in other spear deaths and these are really brutal deaths. “

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Their daughter Hannah was killed in a car accident in Tennessee in 2016, which she says was caused by the X-Light Rail. He notes, rather than the rails absorbing some of the crash, as they are meant to do, he explains that it hit his daughter’s vehicle, causing her to die.

“I lost my daughter. My daughter was exceptionally talented, and she didn’t have to die.

The railing is manufactured by Lindsay Corporation. 9OYS decided to investigate. “In May 2017, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) examined the last terminal performance data available and found no reason to conclude that the devices reviewed, including the X-Lite, are unsafe,” the company explains on its website.

But Emers says the answer isn’t enough for him, and he is now looking to North Carolina to follow the lead of other states in removing these rails. Remember what he said earlier?

“States all over this country have replaced the X-Lights and North Carolina hasn’t.”

That’s what brings us here. What does the North Carolina Department of Transportation plan for X-Light Rail? Well we asked!

We sent an email to NCDOT for more details, asking if they had plans to remove them. Delegates confirmed that they had stopped using X-Light Rail in projects going forward, adding that as recently as 2017 there were between four and five thousand in the state.

“It’s a safety device similar to the injuries you see in combat,” Emers said.

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When asked about this, the NCDOT official says, “In fact, the crash data shows that many old railing end units, including ‘X-Lights’, are performing well.” When we requested to see that crash data, we heard back but the figures were never received.

Amers claims that the manufacturer reportedly also conducts its own safety testing of these rails, looking for a bipartisan infrastructure bill to help fix it.

“This would reduce the risk of conflicts of interest and the need for third-party verification of crash test results.”

Overall given that he wants to see a change from states like North Carolina that are keeping these rails high, which many families have blamed for the deaths of their loved ones.

“Are we going to believe the California Department of Transportation? Are we going to believe the 50 spear incidents? They speak for themselves,” Amers said.

Department of Transportation offices in Tennessee, Virginia, California and dozens of other locations have not only banned future production with rails, but have gone back and removed them from their streets. Overall Amers says he does this for his daughter, who lost her life at the age of 17.

Amers also claims that these X-Light Rails are reportedly banned in all 50 states. We could not verify this, but a document obtained by Eamers states that the company has ceased production of the rail, stating that “Lindsay is now on sale with effect from December 31, 2019 with the X-Lite & Terminal will not offer.”

You can click here for more information on what Lindsay Corporation has to say.

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