Evans police replace children’s bicycles damaged in reported car theft

Evans, Colo. (KDVR) – In a quiet Evans townhome community on Sunday morning, residents were woken by tires, a wreck and two damaged children’s bicycles.

Jessica Moncada, who lives there with her family, said, “They were going at high speed from inside the campus.”

She said thieves trying to steal a car did more damage than they realized.

“When he lost control, he rear-ended another vehicle, which pushed him onto the pavement and, therefore, the bike rack was simply sandwiched between the two vehicles,” she said.

On those bike racks, just two bikes: “My boys only had bikes that were locked.”

That crime scene was also the scene of despair for Elias Gutierrez and his younger brother, Aztl├ín Moncada, Jessica’s sons.

“My boys were very upset,” she said.

He said it was a crime of his innocence.

“I think (Ilyas) was a little bit more upset. He hasn’t figured it out yet,” she said.

‘They tried to investigate what happened and they brought me a new bike’

“I thought like, wow, why are they messing around?” Ilyas remembered.

Guilt is still a very foreign concept to him.

“I thought, why would they do that?” he said.

The fact that his own bike was damaged was a crime that could not have gone without correction for Evans Police Officer Bobby Gallegos.

“At that point I felt in my heart that these kids needed new bikes,” Gallegos said.

“I thought – thank them,” said Elias.

A gift from a community-service-driven officer whose value went unnoticed by 7-year-old Elias.

“They didn’t need to bring it to us because it cost a lot of money,” Elias said.

instead of cherished gifts

Both the bikes were Christmas and birthday gifts for both the boys.

“Most parents can’t just go out and buy two $200 bikes right off the bat,” Gallegos said.

Elias and his mother said they now understand the true meaning of their officers protecting and serving their community.

“They tried to investigate what happened and they brought me a new bike,” Elias said.

“Definitely gives us a different perspective on the officers protecting us at Evans, so, thankful for them,” Jessica said.

Regarding possible carjackers, police told FOX31 that the matter is still under investigation.

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