England will be the first country to require new homes to include EV chargers

The British government will introduce legislation in 2021 that would require electric vehicle chargers to be available in all newly built homes and offices in England.

Home and EV chargers in England

Notably, all new homes and offices will feature “smart” charging devices that can automatically charge vehicles during off-peak periods. The new office blocks will need to establish one charge point for every five parking spaces.

The new law would make England the first country in the world to require an EV charger in all new homes.

It will also boost confidence in helping people who transition from gas cars to address range anxiety, as many homes in England do not have off-street parking or garages.

The proposal is part of a movement to rapidly increase the number of Chargers across England ahead of Britain’s 2030 ban of new fossil-fuel vehicles. The government originally announced a proposal to mandate that all new homes in 2019 have a charge point with parking space, as electrek Then informed.

Nigel Pocklington, CEO of clean energy company Good Energy, said: [via Business Green]:

Flexible charging at home and work during the day is going to be critical to decarbonizing not only transport but the entire UK energy system.

In the form of improved energy efficiency, electrified heat and solar power on the 13.5 million homes – we expect to see all of these as part of new homes plans as well.

The Home and Office EV Charger Mandate is expected to launch in 2022.

In addition, the UK government announced a free app called EV8 Switch yesterday on World EV Day:

It calculates how much money UK drivers can save by switching to an EV compared to their current petrol or diesel vehicle, along with details on the carbon dioxide (CO2) savings and air quality improvements they can achieve .

Drivers can also see which electric vehicles would be best suited for them based on their current vehicle and how switching to electric might fit in with their current lifestyle. People with the app can also see how close their nearest charge points are, and which trips can be completed on the route without a top up.

Electrek’s Tech

Being the owner of Tudor, Victorian, Edwardian and new-build homes in the UK, I have experienced firsthand what it is like to live with both on- and off-road parking and fully support this decision . My new-built home already had solar panels, and if it had come with an EV charger, it certainly would have served as an incentive for us to switch to electricity, even. Even five years ago.

When you don’t have off-road parking, it will be reassuring to charge at your office. And a Charger for every five parking spaces means less fighting with your allies who use them.

This incentive will really help in boosting the confidence of the people so that they can more easily adopt switching to EVs.

And hey, it’s not like people have petrol pumps in their homes. Being able to power your car at home is great.

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