Elon Musk Claims Ford UAV Lobby Bites Tesla

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Elon Musk’s non-federal crisis seems to be getting worse. First of all, he is not invited white HouseAnd now, union lobbyists are hurting Tesla. musk Claimed via twitter on sunday EV credit extension Proposed by US Democrats was written by lobbyists representing Ford and United Auto Workers.

The proposed expansion could significantly increase EV credits in an effort to reduce the cost of electric cars by as much as $12,500. That’s a lot of money, and it could help drive adoption of EVs. So this needed A win for electric car makers and drivers alike, but criticism of the expansion claims it gives it an unfair advantage electric cars from Ford, GM, And Chrysler… federally-made that is.

Of course, it controls Tesla’s cars because the carmaker has resist efforts To unionize your production plants. It also excludes EVs from Toyota and Honda, which have also taken exception to the proposed EV credits, per electrek.

This tax credit amendment no longer reduces the EV credit. It only increases credit on the basis of some things, such as whether electric cars are made domestically by union employees, or if the battery is at least 40kWh, or depending on where the battery is made. again, it all favors American production.

The credit extension includes a five-year grace period for EVs produced outside the US, however, Musk cited in his allegation. The tweet mentions that Ford’s current electric car is made in Mexico, and is likely a comment on Mach-E Ford’s. being produced in Cuautitlan Assembly Plant.

Musk said it was unclear how it was helping American taxpayers. (Elon’s record with taxpayer money is… probably less than pink, but it’s a boring story.) And of course, the expansions give special treatment to US- and union-built electric cars, so Musk isn’t off-base with his observation. In fact, both bloomberg And electrek Dan Kildy, the Michigan Democrat noted, is behind some of the laws. Electrek goes ahead and It’s logic Kildee is likely to get a lot of support from Ford and UAW.

But that’s not to say that Musk is angry about special treatment and lobbying in general. Remember that Musk is pushing for similar behavior in India as Tesla is trying to carve a niche in that market, like Reuters reports. So, it all seems like Musk is against special treatment and lobbying. But only if it puts Tesla at a disadvantage.

Image for article titled Elon Musk thinks he knows who is to blame

Photo: getty (Getty Images)

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