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Corbyn – After months of planning and a couple of weeks of setting up, downtown Corbyn has become the latest local city to offer an electric car charging station for those environmentally conscious drivers traveling in the Daniel Boone area.

Located in the municipal parking lot behind Sanders Park, the two car charging stations have the capacity to charge up to four electric vehicles at once. Corbyn joins the cities of London and Williamsburg as the only cities in the region with car charging stations.

Tourism director Maggie Monhollen said the chargers were officially up and running by Friday evening. He even called a friend with an electric car just to try the station out and make sure it was working properly. On Monday morning, Monholen reported no hiccups or hangups in his test.

“Everything went right,” she said.

The car charging stations were purchased through the budget of the Downtown Corbyn project and cost approximately $6,802 each. Drivers will be charged $1 per hour for use and can pay using an app on their phone called ChargePoint.

Monholen said people can also use a chargepoint-provided card to pay for their electricity at the “pump,” but added that he believes most people will pay using their phones. .

The app allows drivers to start charging their car by holding their phone by the card reader at the charging station. The app will also notify drivers when their car is charged.

Monholen said Corbyn’s two car charging stations were level two chargers and not super chargers. She said that although it varies by make and model, a general electric car can be fully charged in about 6-10 hours using one of the two stations.

However, because electric car drivers plan their trips around charging stations, Monholen believes that keeping the two stations downtown will help drive economic spending at Corbyn’s downtown restaurants and businesses. This is also evident by ChargePoint, which provides drivers with a map and a list of available car charging stations in a given area.

“If someone has to wait two, three, four hours for a charge, they have the opportunity to explore the city, eat in restaurants, take selfies with murals, play giant chest games, stop by the splash pad… Happens,” Monholen explained. “Downtown is such a hotbed of activity, it will result in an economic stimulus.”

Monhollen said most of the money spent for the new service would be used to cover the cost of electricity. The charging stations that are owned and operated by the city will receive the remaining $1 that will not be used to cover the cost of electricity, about 15 cents an hour.

Corbyn’s car charger should work with most electric vehicles, said Monholen, who noted that most electric cars come with an adapter, allowing them to be plugged into various charging stations.

“I did a lot of homework, a lot of research before I ordered them,” he said, adding that he was first approached by city officials with the idea. The idea was first presented by Monhollen to the tourism commission and city commission earlier this summer.

“We’re really excited to complete this project, and to get people coming out of the interstate to use the service we’ve established,” Monhollen said.

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