Dukes of Hazard star’s studio and General Lee car damaged by storm

Hurricane Ida recently left behind major devastation, including damage to the Dukes of Hazard star, John Schneider’s studio, and the iconic General Lee car.

Hurricane Ida has left a huge blow of destruction, including heavy damage. Duke of Hazardo Star’s studio and car. Bo and Luke Duke’s prized possession in a 1969 Dodge Charger, better known as General Lee the Dukes of Hazzard television series. The orange racing icon is widely known for his unmatched speed and aerial car stunts that help Duke avoid corrupt law enforcement officers such as Jedi “Boss” Hogg.

John Schneider starred as Bo Duke in the hit show. While Tom Wompat, who played his cousin Luke, sometimes led General Lee, it was usually Schneider who found himself in the driver’s seat. the Dukes of Hazzard On the Air lasted seven seasons and inspired an additional theatrical reboot of the same name in 2005. The reboot, featuring Johnny Knoxville and Sean William Scott, renewed interest in the show, but also brought heavy controversy. Opponents argued that the rebel flag on the hood and the car’s name were offensive because of its historical connection to racism in America. Warner Bros. took the complaints into consideration and began removing the flag from The Gen Lee products in 2015.

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Social controversy isn’t the only way the vehicle has affected over time, as Schneider recently revealed. tmz reported that Hurricane Ida wreaked havoc on Schneider’s studio and The General Lee. A series of photographs published on the site show the devastation caused by Schneider’s estate in Louisiana. Unfortunately, General Lee didn’t do so well against Ida and it doesn’t look like Schneider is going to be able to pull it out.

Dukes of Hazard Coy and Vance

Photos showed the iconic vehicle being crushed under a large uprooted deodar tree. The weight has caused the roof to collapse completely, and it now sits propped against the ground at an angle. There is also extensive structural damage to buildings. Schneider owns and operates an independent film studio on the property. The actor also presented a short video of himself discussing the devastation at the site and urging people to support recovery efforts by purchasing items from John Schneider Studios.

Fortunately for Schneider, the car shown isn’t the only General Lee he owns. He actually has several cars that were used for filming the Dukes of Hazzard. Many replicas were made for the series as they were often combined during stunts. It is estimated that over 300 vehicles were destroyed during filming. While it is sad that Schneider’s personal car has also suffered an untimely fate, it is hoped that he is able to fix the damage sustained during his time at Kent Farms as quickly as possible. smallville.

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Source: TMZ

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