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The Dilworth Pace Car Program seeks to make the neighborhood a safe place for cars and pedestrians, with the community setting the speed of traffic.

Charlotte, NC – A new program in Dilworth aims to determine the speed of traffic moving through the neighborhood.

The Dilworth Community Association (DCA) is launching a Pace Car program this month that aims to inspire people to obey traffic laws as neighbors move along the way.

DCA President Franklin Keithley said there is a lot of traffic near Dilworth as people try to get to Uptown, the South End or other nearby areas.

“A lot of times we have people driving, you know, 35.45 mph on 25 mph roads because they don’t know it’s a neighborhood,” Keithley said.

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The idea for the pace car program came to Keithley one day while he was driving through the neighborhood.

“Someone climbed on my bumper and, you know, as I slowed them down to get a bit, I realized there was a line of cars behind me,” Keithley said. “And after that, I realized I was acting like a kind of speed car.”

Keithley set the wheels in motion, so to speak, to start the program, for example with people living in the neighborhood.

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“I knew very well I couldn’t have expected the road rules in my neighborhood to follow the rules of the road I wasn’t doing earlier,” Keithley said.

Neighbors will display a logo for the speed car program in the form of a magnet or bumper sticker on their car and they will be asked to take a pledge.

The pledge states that neighbors will commit to driving the speed limit on city streets, especially in Dilworth and other neighborhoods. They will all stop at stop signs and red lights. They will stop to allow pedestrians to cross the road. They will be polite and share the road with cyclists. When possible they will walk or bike rather than drive.

“We want them [others] To see us running the speed limit, obeying traffic laws, bowing to pedestrians, and we want them to follow suit,” Keithley said.

It’s a program that Keithley said he believes could work in other neighborhoods in Charlotte, showing that neighborhoods can be a safe place for both people and cars.

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Dilworth neighbors can sign up for a pace car mortgage here.

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