Dealer Is Asking $65,000 for a Hyundai Veloster

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It’s time to call some more dealerships on their markups. This time this is The Southern California dealership that made its way to Reddit, and us via a tip from a friend of the site Dutch Mandali.

dealership is Russell Westbrook Hyundai Why Anaheim? I am very familiar with this dealership. In addition to the Russell Westbrook Association, they once tried to charge me over $500 for just one front brake job (I play sonatas), so they were To avoid already my dealers list. But after seeing this reddit Post and checking myself, I Even more sure I’ll never go there again.

velster n with markup

velster n with markup
image: Russell Westbrook Hyundai of Anaheim

reddit user Qball1754 was posted contact One M. for the imageowneroni they found one velster number Showing the following at the dealership:

MSRP: $34,935

dealer install option

SmartShield Armor All Exterior Paint Protection $1,295

Dealer Added Markup: $8,000

Performance Package: $17,995


Intercooler Upgrade

strut bar

wheels and tires

cold air intake

spark plug upgrade

turbo inlet upgrade

Eboch Swing and Holder

Custom Paint W Blackout

Eboch Lowering Kit

exhaust upgrade


GPS Tracking: $1,595

Courtesy Guard: $1,095

Nitrophils: $179

total price? A cost of “get off the table without saying anything and just leave” $65,095. Do you know what kind of car you can get for that money? Everything from C8 to M2. (Theoretically, anyway. -ed)

Also, look at the crap they’re trying to sell someone on. GPS tracking? Nobody needs it. Courtesy Guard? I had to look it up because I didn’t know what it was, but apparently, it’s just another theft deterrent system that digs up the vehicle’s VIN or some other unique ID number into the windows. NS AARP Too many The pricing for this was called a scam. Plus they’re asking $1,100 for it and you can do it yourself with a $20 kit heroine.

The worst part of all this though is the $8,000 markup on top of the base-Hyundai-Venue-priced performance package, which no one asked for and is questionable at best. Qball1754 said on Reddit that the dealer informed them that the upgrade has the car making 370 horsepower at the wheels. Assuming that was true, remember, the Veloster N makes a stock of 275 hp. So, that means you’ll pay $18,000 for the 95 HP, again assuming the dealer can back up that claim.

I reached out to the dealer to get confirmation on the price. It took over an hour and a half with three different people to finally get an answer, and even then only the $8,000 markup was mentioned.

good morning lawrence

I can give you an idea of ​​the market for this vehicle right now, and it currently starts at 8k more than the sticker price, plus your taxes, licenses, fees, and aftermarket.

The sales man pretty much confirmed everything, using words like “starts up” and “aftermarkets.”. If you’re looking for the Veloster N, it’s a great car, butDon’t pay these prices. the market is terrible Right now, but allowing dealers to get away with this crap encourages them. wait or look elsewhere, we would all be better for it.

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