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Left, Jose Sanchez, Los Continentes Car Club and Bike Crew President, discusses the event his club will host at Burgman Park on Saturday, September 18, which includes a stereo speaker and two-step car engine revving competitions. The Jamestown City Council Public Safety Committee approved nine amendments to the event permit during a meeting on Tuesday. PJ Photo by Denise Phillips

Due to discord over the Los Continentals Car Club and Bike Crew stereo speaker and two-step car engine revving competitions to be held in Burgman Park later this month, the Jamestown City Council Public Safety Committee approved nine amendments to the event permit.

The committee held a special meeting on Tuesday to approve the amendments, which include:

The operating hours were earlier from 9 am to 7 pm, the program was to go till 8 pm

The total number of vehicles is limited to 900 cars, which will compete and participate.

The club will fund two police officers for 10 hours each at an overtime rate of $55 per hour.

No music will be played from vehicles on view and competing cars are not allowed to randomly test their stereo or exhaust equipment, except when the DJ is playing the music.

After the incident, fences and barricades will be used to divert traffic from residential areas and no parking signs and barricades will be put up if city officials deem it appropriate.

After the event, the police officers will handle the traffic control.

Two-step, car limbo and dance competition will be added to the permit. The Jamestown Fire Department will be present during the Two-Step competition.

No person or persons shall ride outside the vehicle during the Car Limbo Contest.

The Chief of Police and the Director of Public Safety or their nominee have the right to terminate the program at any time.

Ward 1 Councilor and Public Safety Committee Chairman Brent Sheldon said Jeff Russell, At-Large Counselor, Tim Jackson, Jamestown Police Department Chief and City Director of Public Safety, and Jose Sanchez, Los Continentals Car Club and Bike Crew President , and everyone himself said. The meeting was held last week to discuss the amendments.

“It was a give and take by both sides,” Sheldon said.

Russell said he doesn’t think Bergman Park is an ideal venue for the event. He asked city park manager Dan Stone about holding events at Jones and Gifford Park or Jackson Taylor, but Stone told him that both parks were too wet to handle hundreds of vehicles.

After the amendments were announced, the committee opened the discussion to the public. Five people spoke out against allowing the event at Bergman Park due to the alleged loud noise during the competitions.

Ward 4, where the event will be held, councilwoman Mary Carrubba, said it is her understanding that the city will provide four police offices at the event, on top of the two the club is funding for a total of six. She said that if the city is paying officials to provide it in the event, the city becomes a sponsor, which could open the city to be held liable for anything that could potentially go wrong. .

Following Carrubba’s comments, Russell asked who funded the officers at the Jamestown cruise-in event held in the city last month. Jackson said the city provided officials, but did not know how many people attended.

Even though an event sponsor usually funds police officers who attend, such as at the Pride Festival held in June, Jackson said providing officers is nothing new for the city.

“It’s such a big event, we should be officials there,” he said.

Sheldon said Sanchez only had funds for two of the six officers who would be at the event. He said Sanchez is also funding an independent security firm in Bergman Park. Sanchez said the park will have 16 private security personnel.

Tamu Graham-Reinhardt, at Large Councilwoman, thanked Sanchez for bringing in a new and “Diverse” event for the city.

“I believe he should get a chance to put it,” he said.

Sanchez said he has been under stress trying to meet the city’s needs since June. He said he has done everything he is told, including agreeing to the nine amendments passed by the committee. He said he was not doing this for the benefit of his club, but for the city of Jamestown – because dozens of people would be renting hotel rooms and supporting local businesses.

“In my opinion, I went above and beyond,” he said.

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