Community comes together to celebrate life of Fischer teen killed in car accident

Fishers, Ind. Hundreds celebrated the lives of three Fischer teens on Saturday night after three girls died in a car accident on Monday.

Twins Alina and Isabella Gaddis, 17, and Brianna Foster, 18, did not survive when their car collided with another car traveling the wrong way on a South Carolina highway on Monday morning.

Brie, Elle and Belle were remembered by hundreds on Saturday night at the Fishers Nickel Plate Amphitheater. The community came together to support the families of the teens during this time.

“When people ask me, ‘How did girls affect your life?’ It’s easy to say how they didn’t affect my life,” said Andy Gaddis, father of Elle and Belle.

Saturday night there were lots of hugs and tears, but also many smiles and laughs.

“You will never be forgotten, please keep watching us”, said Bree’s mom, Jodie Foster.

Belle and Elle’s mom said, “Their hearts were so bright and they had character and beauty that wasn’t just outlandish, it’s everything to me and it will continue to be.”

The night was also about supporting 17-year-old Mackie Watts, the lone survivor of the girls’ car.

“I want everyone to support and lift him up and guide him throughout his life,” Gaddis said.

Despite all the sadness, the message was clear, it was a celebration of Elle, Belle and Brie. It was time to recollect the good memories.

“I always knew we were meant for each other and they knew it too, and if you know me, I really used to protect them because they were my sisters.” said Belle and Elle’s brother.

Brie’s sister said, “You always had the biggest smile on your face that lighted up the whole room and always tried to help others.”

Andy Gaddis left the crowd with this message.

“Be strong, do the right thing and love your kids,” he said.

His son Belle and Elle’s brother also offered some advice for the people there.

“Don’t fight people over stupid things, in that moment you will be so mad but you have no idea how fast it can end and they can go away, so keep your people to yourself, love every No difficulty,” he said.

Foster said she knew the girls were still with him.

“We know you’re watching us down,” she said. “Please think of our girls every time you see a butterfly. They were really amazing and didn’t deserve it.”

Melissa Ann Parker, 43, is the alleged other driver in the accident. According to the South Carolina Highway Patrol, he has been charged with three counts of felony with death, three counts of felony with death and one count of felony with personal injury. He was denied bond during Tuesday’s court appearance.

The celebration of life culminated in a week of honoring and remembering the girls.

On Tuesday, Jacques’ Donuts in Fishers raised $6,000 for the girls’ families. He donated 100% of his sales starting that morning, sometimes the line would run out of the store.

Then, on Friday, the HSE had a candlelight vigil for teenagers before the football game. Families were aloof from coin toss.

In celebration of life, Fishers Mayor Scott Fudnes announced that the community has raised more than $150,000 to help the girls’ families.

If you would like to donate, this is a link to Bri’s GoFundMe and this is a link to Elle and Belle’s.

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