Chevy Suburban US Diplomatic Limos on Order in $36.4 Million Program

  • GM’s Defense Department was recently awarded a $36.4 million development contract, to develop and manufacture the first 10 armored Chevrolet Suburban SUVs for diplomatic and high-profile government official use.
  • GM said exactly how these SUVs will differ from the standard model isn’t being made public, but they’ll use a unique body-on-frame chassis and suspension setup, while using plenty of off-the-shelf parts. will also use.
  • If the State Department is happy with the first batch, it will place an order for nine years for 200 units for a total of 1800 units.

    You can certainly substitute a Chevrolet Suburban for a higher sticker price, but whatever options and features you throw at it, you won’t be able to match the amount that the US State Department offers for 10 purpose-built heavy-duty Suburbans. spending for. next two years. Of course, these aren’t your standard SUVs, but the ones that use a unique body-on-frame chassis and suspension, along with upgrades to other safety details. Net worth of the government development contract: $36.4 million, or technically, $3.64 million per suburb.

    Full details of the heavy-duty Suburban are yet to be talked about, but GM (specifically, GM Defense LLC) will use some of the money to develop the new chassis and suspension system, which will be “enhanced” Required to support government vehicle performance requirements with higher payload capacity and greater ground vehicle load.” In other words, the armor and security components for high-profile government representatives such as diplomats.

    “Our development contract win speaks to our long legacy of exceeding transportation capabilities, and our new HD will provide government-specific advanced mobility solutions to meet suburban needs. [the Diplomatic Security Service]GM Defense President Steve Dumont said in a statement.

    Not everything will be built new in the suburbs of the Fed. GM said it will use “significant” off-the-shelf parts in the HD Suburban, among them the body, exterior, propulsion, interior and brakes. GM said it would spare development money to be spent fixing “advanced manufacturing equipment and techniques, including fixtureless assembly and flexible fabrication”. GM said these technologies will help make these types of low-volume products more efficient and reduce costs.

    Keeping manufacturing costs down may not seem like a big deal when you’re building just 10 vehicles with a budget of $36 million, but it’s probably the first of several modified suburbs the State Department will buy from GM. GM Defense said it will deliver this first batch of vehicles next spring. Then, when the development contract is completed around May 2023, the government expects to place an order for a fleet of 200 HD Suburbans each year for nine years. We taxpayers expect it to be worth much less than $3 million.

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