CarMax survey finds that 56% of car owners may go ahead with an EV or hybrid

CarMax is one of the largest sellers of automobiles in America. It got 750,000 car buyers in FY21. One of the primary rules for any sales organization is to know the needs and requirements of its customers, so CarMax decided to conduct a survey to find out what people think about eco-friendly cars.

They surveyed 1,049 existing car owners about their perceptions about hybrid and electric cars. The survey was of the general population and was not limited to CarMax customers. After the results were tabulated, 56% of the respondents said that they intend to buy a hybrid or electric car the next time they buy a car.

Sharp-minded readers will note that CarMax’s definition of a “green” car may be somewhat over-the-top. cleantechnica Readers think. For example, we don’t get as excited about the traditional Toyota Prius, but it has about half the emissions of the giant SUVs and pickup trucks Americans are in love with, so let’s be grateful for the small favors.

CarMax says, “55.9% said they would buy a green conscious car the next time it was on the market for the vehicle, compared to less than 23.9% who were unlikely to do so. When we consider generational differences If so, Millennials were more likely than Baby Boomers to say that their next car purchase would be a hybrid or electric vehicle.

“Despite the apparent interest in green-conscious cars, most people have never tested a hybrid or electric vehicle. Most of those who took the test drive had only driven a hybrid vehicle. Just over 10% had only tested an electric car, and about 9.1% said they would test both hybrid and electric vehicles. “

it’s nothing personal

credit: carmax

60% of those surveyed said they are considering a low- or zero-emissions car because they are concerned about polluting the atmosphere with “moderate” or “extremely” carbon emissions. “For most people, the top benefit of hybrid and electric vehicles was not personal: it is for the environment,” the report said.

Perception is reality and the good news is that public perception of low and zero emissions cars has skyrocketed. 89.5% of car owners believe that hybrid vehicles are becoming more popular and 91.8% believe that sustainable cars will overtake conventional gas-powered vehicles by 2050. [Caveat: your definition of “sustainable” may be at variance with the people taking the survey think that word means. To us, only battery electric cars are “sustainable” but it has to be good news that so many respondents are even thinking about sustainability.]

credit: carmax

“Hybrid and electric vehicles appear to be the way of the future,” Carmax says. With automakers planning to stop producing combustion engines and accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles by improving the infrastructure available to drivers, it seems like it may only be a matter of time before the U.S. Let green-conscious vehicles dominate the roads. Amen to that.

A note about the methodology

Every survey has vulnerabilities and CarMax acknowledges that the data it collects depends on self-reporting. “There are many issues with self-reported data,” Carmax says. “These issues include, but are not limited to: selective memory, binocularity, trait, and hyperbolic.” As they say in the car business, “Your mileage may vary. See dealer for details.”

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