CA New Car Dealers Association Foundation announces scholarship awards for 20 auto tech students across the state

Sacramento, Calif.–(business wire)—The California New Car Dealers Association Scholarship Foundation announced the winners of its annual “Car Careers” scholarship program, which provides more than $100,000 to deserving students pursuing careers in automotive technology. Grant recipients were selected through a competitive application process that assessed academic performance, career interests and industry experience.

The Foundation Board selected the top 4 candidates from 5 regions across the state who were awarded $5,000 to cover education and training expenses. Of these 20 grant recipients, Vincent Lagaska was chosen as the overall statewide winner, crowned by Peter K. Welch Honorary Scholarship for an additional $5,000.

Brian Maas, President of CNCDA and Vice President of CNCDA Scholarship Foundation, said, “We were very impressed with the students applying for this scholarship program and are proud to be able to support them to pursue promising careers in the auto tech industry.”

Nikolai Hansen, an award recipient at Solano Community College, said: “What interests me most about the automotive industry is how important cars are to our culture in America and how much the people who produce, maintain and repair automotive vehicles have an impact on the industry. Every day from going to work or driving across the country to visiting family, we all depend on our vehicles to get us where we need to be.”

Molly Poyer, an award recipient from Cypress Collegehandjob Said: “There’s something fulfilling about tightening the final bolt on a project – a sense of accomplishment I haven’t found anywhere else. Being an unconventional student who has already completed a previous degree, working in a different field Having done this, and still wants to develop my skills to turn it into a very different career, I know I don’t fit the mold of a traditional technician . . . I love people, men and women alike. “I want to be able to give the peace of mind that their vehicle is in the hands of someone who cares.”

“We want to encourage more students to think of the automotive industry as an attractive career option,” said Cheryl Bedford, president of the CNCDA Scholarship Foundation. “We are confident that this scholarship program will not only help support winning students, but will also serve as a tool to raise interest in and awareness of the industry.”

The Car Careers Scholarship will be offered again in 2022 – and program specifics and application process information can be found here.

About CNCDA’s Scholarship Foundation Established in 1993, the CNCDA Scholarship Foundation offers scholarships to 1,326 students preparing to enter the workforce at new car dealerships in California. This represents a total impact of over $1 million in supporting our state’s future auto workforce.

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