Bizarre: Avis allegedly stole car from customer

Besides feeling bad for the customer, I don’t even know what to do with it…

Avis car disappears during rental

date campbell took to twitter To share an absolutely bizarre experience of hers with Avis Car Rentals. Inevitably his car disappeared outside the house where he was staying in Teaneck, New Jersey. Everything pointed to the car being stolen, although it actually appears that Avis may have taken the car back for unknown reasons.

Here’s a summary of what happened, according to Campbell:

  • On Friday, August 13, Campbell flew to New Jersey for the weekend to visit family and friends, and rented a 2020 Toyota Camry from Avis at Newark Airport.
  • On Saturday, August 14, Campbell was planning to visit some friends at around 10:30, so he was trying to reach his car when he realized it was no longer where he parked it. Was; The car was reportedly parked outside their childhood home on a quiet, secure, suburban street with free parking
  • He called the local police, who confirmed there was no order on the car, so he called Avis, thinking that perhaps the company could track the car with GPS.
  • They waited more than an hour on the emergency help line, only to be told that Avis could not track the car, and that they should file a stolen vehicle report with the police.
  • A police officer came in to file a police report, and it was 2:30 at this time, and he had a flight at 9 the next morning.
  • In the morning he took a Lyft to Newark Airport, and told the Avis branch exactly what had happened; He was informed that he would continue to be charged till the car was returned, as he was liable to
  • When he returned home, he had the idea to check for EZPASS activity, as he had a transponder in the rental car; The transponder suggested that the car exited Newark Airport shortly after 10:30 p.m., around the time he noticed that the car was missing.
  • At this point they got suspicious – if someone stole the car, why would they go to the airport where the car came from?
  • At this point Campbell’s aunt, who lives in the same street where the car was stolen, reviewed her home security camera, and noticed that a red tow truck had towed the car at night.
  • Four hours after Campbell was in the Avis office at Newark Airport, the Avis app suddenly returned the car, and Campbell was still charged for the late return fee.
  • Long story short, Campbell couldn’t contact anyone in Avis, which is why she took to Twitter; Now that the story has gone viral, Avis has refunded his rent and is “investigating”

How on earth did this happen?!

It’s such a strange story, yet still reflective of the overall customer service in the car rental industry. I’m curious what an investigation reveals, however a few things come to mind:

  • It appears that Avis had a way to track his car, as Campbell didn’t specify where he was staying, and nothing else related to the rental was tied to that address.
  • The only theory I can come up with is that somehow the car was ordered to be withdrawn; Someone may have rented a car in the past and didn’t return it, and Avis works with a third party to get it repossessed, and they never get the memo that the car will eventually be returned. was given
  • I’m sure there are some other possible theories, and I think it may be that Avis was not involved, but I can’t think of any logical explanation
  • Despite the explanation, Avis’ customer service here was absolutely terrible, although that’s the story of the car rental industry

Even though Avis has now returned Campbell, they owe him a lot more—their return of Lyft, some sort of compensation for the inconvenience and escalation, and what exactly happened, and how it will be avoided in the future. Explanation .

ground level

I don’t have high expectations of service from car rental companies, but this incident from Avis is on a different level. Someone rented a car from Avis at Newark Airport, and for an unknown reason it was taken from outside the house where the customer was staying. Avis also did not admit that this had happened, but instead claimed that they would be charged until the car was returned.

Avis is reportedly now investigating the incident, and I expect the findings to be made public, as this is a big screw-up.

What do you think of this Avis car rental incident?

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