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BEDFORD, Pa. – The remnants of Hurricane Ida have left the Bedford County car dealership in cleanup mode after employees entered the building Thursday morning and found parts of the structure were flooded.

According to Brian Sell, Bedford Ford’s vice president, the dealership experienced 2 to 4 inches of water in showrooms as Hurricane Ida rolled through Thursday through Wednesday.

“We had a really unique situation – it didn’t come from the river,” he said. “It was a drainage pipe that backs up, so it was coming out of the drainage pipe and it came into our showroom.”

SAIL said the damage covered the floor and several computers that were lost due to water damage.

“It doesn’t affect any cars,” he said. “It’s just a mess. We just had two inches of dirty water running through our showroom and we’ve got wet carpet.

“We have lost some computers, but ironically my service department, the area down the river, is completely dry.”

Despite the incident, the business opened on Thursday and was completely staffed.

rescue, evacuation

First responders in the county continued to pump water from the basement on Thursday.

Saxton Volunteer Fire Department’s Swiftwater Rescue Team was on hand to assist Geesetown with rescue in the Lock Mountain area in Blair County.

Bedford County Emergency Management Coordinator Dave Cubison said four Swiftwater teams from Bedford, Somerset and Cambria counties rescued nearly a dozen people from their homes and vehicles.

“The rescue lasted all day Wednesday and into the night, and even into Thursday morning,” Cubison said. “A couple of issues that brought about this were the strong water moving about not only in camps and summer home type cottages, but many people in vehicles that were either crossing the water or from crossing the water. We’re surrounded and the good news is that to the best of my knowledge, there were no casualties and no deaths from the storm yesterday.”

According to Cubison, the storm caused the temporary displacement of four persons at Seacrest Trailer Park in East Providence Township.

“They were removed from that park and moved to a temporary shelter that we set up at the Breezewood Fire Hall and the American Red Cross responded to their needs and looked after them,” he said.

Also displaced during the storm were a group of 25 residents of a personal care home in Everett. Cubison said a small fire at around 9 a.m. displaced residents during the storm. He was taken to Everett United Methodist Church, where he stayed for about 8 hours.

“She was cared for and the United Methodist Church helped immensely with the preparation and care of her meals, as well as some donated food items for people to take back with her,” Cubison said.

Somerset County Emergency Management Coordinator Joel Landis said that in flood control areas “everywhere that usually floods, floods happen”, the facilities did what they were supposed to and took the extra water.

“I don’t know if any of our flood control systems have gotten to the point where they were overflowing at flood control,” he said. “I know there were many discussions about it, but none of them became reality. Everything was below flood stage.”

Landis said that in Somerset County, he did not see any infrastructure damage from the storm.

“I haven’t seen any damage other than a few reports of erosion in some drainage areas,” he said. “I have no reports of any infrastructure damage in the form of any washed out roads or anything. Obviously erosion is going to be an issue with the amount of rain we’ve got, but nothing significant. “

Landis noted that alert drivers were helpful during an emergency.

“We didn’t have any disabled vehicles in the flood waters, so I think people have heeded the warnings not to drive in the flood waters, so I appreciate the caution and this is the best proactive measure you can take.” Can’t drive on flooded roadways,” he said. .

Bedford Road Updates:

The following roadways in Bedford County were closed due to flooding and debris and will remain closed until the water recedes and debris can be cleared and the roadways can be checked for any damage.

• Briar Valley Road and Chalibeat Road from the Belden Road intersection to the Imlertown Road intersection in Bedford Township.

• Woodbury Pike in Hopewell Township to the Six Mile Run Road intersection in Broad Top Township.

• Chrisman Road from the Cortland Road intersection to the Dunnings Creek Road intersection in West St. Clair Township.

• Adams Run Road from the Second Street intersection to the Reynoldsdale Road intersection in East St. Clair Township.

Katie Smollen is a reporter for The Tribune-Democrat. Follow him on Twitter @KSmolen1230.

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