At $9,000, Is This 1990 Ford Bronco 4X4 A Good Deal?

Good Price or No Dice 1990 Ford Bronco 4X4

today’s sellers good price or no dice bronco channel by saying rick astley that also”never let you down.” Let’s see if it’s from Ford Price makes us think we’re getting Rick Rold.

Tomorrow a bone. as was thrown 2000 BMW 528i Estate. That beautiful wagon offered high miles, but a clean presentation, the presence of some recent maintenance, and the fact that it was… well, An E39 wagon. The $5,900 asking price also helped, as was evident in both the comments and the 70 percent Nice Price win. vote.

Are you OJ Simpson? No? I didn’t feel like that. Although it’s okay because today’s 1990 Ford Bronco 4X4 There isn’t the right color for all the inevitable OJ jokes that are endless Harrow the owners of fixed lighter-hood versions Ford’s big bronco.

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There’s a lot to like about this 4X4 Ford, despite it not even having tangible celebrity status. The ad notes a clean title and only 78,000 miles of exercise under its tires. Those tires are the white letter BFG All-Terrain T/As and they Rap Factory alloys that sound quite spiffy.

Top most It’s got clean bodywork painted with bolt-ons of the same color as Raven Black back cap. All the glass and trim appear intact and, perhaps most surprisingly, there is nothing wrong with either the front or rear bumpers, both of which are generally Being a large chrome-plated canvas for damage.

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The interior is equally good and As much red as you want. this is A very simple space, with manual window winders and mirrors and doors that have potential A key is needed to open instead of a button. Cloth upholstery shows slight wear on the driver side of the SpliaTea Front bench, but other than that, it offers a lot Well.

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Ford offered three engines in the Bronco this model year, two V8s, and an entry-level OHV straight-six. This truck sports the 300 cid six. that offer fuel injection start in 1987 and this year made 145 horsepower and 265 lb-ft of torque.

While not as powerful or posh as the V8, the 300 Six is ​​generally considered one of the greatest engines of all time, and who are we to argue. I’m kidding, go ahead and speak your heart.

Transmission duties are handled by four-speed automatic (AOD or E4AOD, depending on which end of the year) This truck was born). A two-speed transfer case and part-time 4WD system Complete Drivetrain.

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The engine compartment looks reasonably clean and the seller claims that the truck “runs and drives excellently.” On the down side, it appears that there is some external wiring coming across the firewall and I see no evidence of the A/C component there. that can’t make it The best trucks for those most at risk during our current climate crisis. The doors have functional vent wings to provide a little relief during motion, but they can only do so much.

The latest Bronco, like all new cars and trucks, is a technological marvel. On the contrary, this old-school version is about as simple Simon as you can get, and that’s a good thing because there aren’t many things that can go wrong here. There’s a lot you can do with this Bronco. For most, it is probably not fuel-efficient enough nor safe enough to be a daily driver, NSAs a weekend fun car with a good bit of off-road potential, it’s perfect. We will, of course, need to see if this perfection extends to the $9,000 asking price.

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What do you think, is this classy, ​​and by far classic, Bronco worth that kind of cash? Or, does that price dampen the tendency for perfection?

You decide!

Portland (again!), Oregon, Craigslist, or go Here If the ad disappears.

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