At $6,500, Is This 1982 Trimuter A Trike You Might Love?

Nice Price or No Dice 1982 Urba Sport Trimuter

Many of us began our love affair with mechanical means of transport on three wheels – the ubiquitous kindergarten trike. price is right today good price or no dice Trimuter can be a way to channel that inner child.

Many times we as consumers are happy to pay for patina. We often spend extra money on already torn and holey blue jeans. Most of us also like films which give live-in look. It also gives fictional stories an extra layer of credence which enriches the experience.

sorry for the seller of 1961 Ford F-100 “Rat Rod” As we saw on Friday, none of that passion for patina could drive the asking price down to $12,000. The integrated pickup, as Ford deployed the combo cab and bed truck, seemed more shabby than chic to most of you, and thus sent the price down an 80 percent No Dice loss.

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When you think of old and worn out, or perhaps more appropriately, old and abandoned, kit cars often come to mind. Putting together something as complex as a car in your own garage can prove to be a daunting task and it’s likely that only a minority of people who make the effort can see it in full swing.

Today’s 1982 Urba Sport Trimuter A kit car that looks remarkably complete and is in great condition too. it’s probably because it wasn’t all It’s a tough job to build because it’s only three-quarters the size of a car, and it’s powered by a lawn tractor engine.

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Surprisingly, tThat Trimuter INot just some weird one-sidedness. It first appeared on the cover of the February 1980 issue. mechanics illustrated, an American publication targeted at people who like the idea of ​​biting them more can chew. You know, the “hold my beer” crowd.

Now, I’m not going to go into the history of the model because json has already handled it efficiently For us An article earlier this year on a very trashy timbre. You can call me lazy, I will live efficiently.

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It’s in much better shape than Jason’s find, with shiny metallic green paint and shiny chrome mag wheels wrapped in white—letter tyre. It’s backwards, of course, since the Timer is strictly a three-wheeler, classified as advertised, Helmets are required when operating as an enclosed motorcycle in their current place of residence and therefore. Luckily, the seller is throwing in color-matching Brain Bucket with Trike.

Although it is quite strange, there is still a lot to like about this Trimuter. It has a pop-up headlamp (we all love them) and a pop-up door that leads into the clean cabin. that interior appearsIt’s quite spacious and has a pair of seats that look like they came out of a pinto. The steering column is dangerously long for something that only has to turn one wheel, and it probably masks the view of smaller equipment. C . Inontrust, Teathat passenger becomes a single Radio speaker as a dash companion.

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Inspiration, if you can call it that, comes from the 18 horsepower Onan two-cylinder engine. If you’re a big fan of Musty1 YouTube channel As I am, you are probably well versed in the ins and outs of motors like In. You probably also know then that no more is going to go wrong than that and so there’s no way to improve the top speed of 35 to 40 mph the seller claims. This Trimuter is capable of doing muster.

That’s fine, although anything more than that would probably prove a terrible experience Considering that you will only be doing this on three wheels, in the easiest two-back/one-up fashion possible. No, it’s more for walking around the neighborhood, impressing cars and coffee, and perhaps heading to DQ for milkshakes and crowds of curious onlookers. What could it be worth?

The seller is asking for $6,500 for the trike and is open to offers or even trades. If we’re using that as a starting point, do you think it’s a reasonable place to jump? Or, is this Trimuter a kit that asks for too much Caboodle?

You decide!

Omaha, Nebraska, Craigslist, or go Here If the ad disappears.

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