At $5,900, Will This 2000 BMW 528i Wagon Be A Quick Sell?

good price or no dice 2000 bmw 528i

if today good price or no dice Were the BMW 528i a person, it would be old enough to drink. Let’s find out if its price is worth the toast.

it’s been a long time The goal of most teens is to stand out, to be fit at the same time. It’s a cleverly done act that some cleverly pull off and others tragically miss. NS 2005 Chevy SSR We saw Tomorrow reach its teens and with its retro styling and retractable roof, it definitely stands out. Unfortunately for the seller, the $36,000 asking price clearly didn’t fit. You all have t. GaveCap a 76 percent no dice damage.

Speaking of teenagers, it has long been the case that those in the foster care system may have trouble finding a stable home environment because of their age.. often the same luck Encounters older dogs and cats waiting to spend their last few years in quiet Comfortable home instead of a noisy and scary shelter. It is somewhat unfair to compare the fate of living people and animals to cars, but I bring these factors up because this is Sometimes uniformly It’s hard to find homes for some older models.

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Today’s 2000 BMW 528i Estate One is an old car, and it belongs to a company that is known for having less than stellar reliability once the new one has worn out and the warranty expires. it demands A special kind of person to pick up a car like this, someone who isn’t intimidated by the prospect of owning an old German car and harming someone. That role may have to be faced.

But Debbie Downer is enough. Let’s Dig Into This Bimmer Because It Looks Too Tight For Both Its age and it has covered 160,000 miles. First of all, the E39 wagon is one of the best looking of line, and this one, s. InThe ilver seems to have been neatly placed on top of a black leather interior. on the outside, tThere doesn’t seem to be a significant problem with the paint, glass or trim. Even the plastic headlamp cover seems to be holding up, only showing Minimal yellowing.

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Inside, the story is very similar. The leather looks great and while this is a typically dark German car interior, it has been livened up a bit by some pretty wood trim. The tool kit in the hatch looks reasonably complete and prompts the seller to acknowledge how important that factor is Bimmer is for community.

The only weird little dash here is an aftermarket stereo head unit. fitting This required a large plain plastic enclosure that would look out of place in an otherwise posh housing.

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Being this 528i, power comes from the DOHC M52 straight-six. With 2793cc displacement, the engine manages 193 horsepower and 206 lb-ft of torque. it is directed rear end by five-speed automatic. yes of course A hot grinder and a stick would be more appreciated. I also want to be tall and independently rich, so what do you mean?

BMW cooling systems of this era have a reputation for vulnerabilities And so it’s nice to see the seller wet works in this car passed Recently refreshed. Other actions noted by the advertisement Includes an oil change and new pads on the brakes. As advertised, the car is in excellent condition with no major mechanical problems. It is currently performing daily driver duty and will come with a clean title but no license plates as they are clearly the vanities the seller wants to keep.

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so there you go. It’s a very nice, but modest version of the E39 estate with a drivetrain that won’t get your pulse pumping, but then it should also be fairly easy to maintain. And that’s a big plus for an older BMW, isn’t it? The asking price is $5,900 and the seller is willing to flex a bit on that.

What do you think, $5,900 is a good start for this 528i? Or, is that dead-on for such a good car?

You decide!

Portland, Oregon, Craigslist, or go Here If the ad disappears.

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