At $36,000, Could This 2005 Chevy SSR Lift Your Spirits?

good price or no dice 2005 chevy ssr

The retro look may be old hat, but today’s good price or no dice The Chevy SSR still does it old school right. Let’s see if it is Price for here and now.

Part of the joy of a kit car is the sweat equity that goes into making it from kit to car. It’s more fun after it’s done, but when it’s time to sell, well, everyone else, it’s just someone else’s amateur hour Project. that was the main issue with yesterday Jaguar XK 120 Kit Car Powered By Ford. There were a lot more problems with that complete kit, and the combined result of all of them was getting the no dice button a workout.. at $20,500, that Tribute world ends the day a. heavy loss of 92 percent of Hair ball.

While generally lamented for its execution, yesterday’s kit car should have at least been praised for its concept. The Jaguar XK120 is, after all, one of the most beautiful cars on the planet. Today’s 2005 Chevy SSR There is another vehicle that takes inspiration from the past. In it case, that is general manager Advanced design truck line of the 1950s. This Chevy Adds To That Charm This also That rarest to rare, a convertible top pickup truck.

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Chevy offered the SSR during the retro craze of the late ’90s and early ’90s. With cars like the Plymouth Prowler and Ford GT, the SSR showed an American auto industry that was ready to take chances and flex its fun muscles all the time. Subsequent economic downturns put an end to many of these fun for the sake of fun vehicles, leaving the used car market with cool truck-like icons.

The SSR was based on the ladder-frame GMT360 platform, which also took on the likes of the Chevy Trailblazer SUV and its oddball siblings, the Isuzu Ascender and Saab 9-7X. This is good-Equipped with a 390 horsepower LS2 V8 and a six-speed manual transmission. that fids a limited slip differential and finally Fat back tire. It should make for all kinds of tire-spinning fun and games.

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According to the ad, it’s just . Till was one owner’s car This year when it went to the dealer to find a new home. From its appearance, the truck was pampered by that original owner. During that ownership, the truck only managed to submit 5,944 miles Meaning hardly new It was time to wear.

The paint is described as Aqua Blur Metallic and is a complementary color to SSR. Chevy offered this Models in several extremely bright primary colors, so it’s nice to see a more subdued shade that takes center stage of the truck’s retro lines instead of paint. of SSR Styling may be purely subjective in its appeal, but it undeniably stands out and is a far cry from the angry go-bot styling of today’s Chevy pickups. here, the round, flared-Fender design is complemented by a set of running boards and chromed factory alloys.

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move characteristic, Of course, there’s a folding hardtop Roof. It seems to be working as the ad shows us pictures of it above and below, as well as the various stages in between.

Underneath that roof is a two-seater cabin with leather upholstery, silver accent trim and Camaro-esque gauges on the tunnel. Everything here looks as good as you might expect for a car with just 6K under its belt. The rear bed is topped with a removable hardcover and is surprisingly spacious despite two locking storage compartments dividing the space.

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The title is clean and the Hemmings ad describes the condition of the truck in Bill & Ted fashion, calling it “excellent”. The price tag is $36,000.

Now, prices on the SSR are everywhere at the moment, and while that’s close to the top end for these models, it doesn’t.frown Properly fitted – only the ’05 and ’06 models got the LS2 and it has that rare stick – so it has got going for it. It also has extremely few miles which makes it almost new, a rare find for any 16 year old vehicle.

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The question you’ll need to answer is whether those factors add up to that $36,000 asking, or if the SSR is so goofy that can’t even be bothered.

You decide!

Hemmings Classified out of West Chester, Pennsylvania, or go Here If the ad disappears.

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