At $13,000, Could This 1973 VW 181 Just Be The Thing?

Nice Price or No Dice 1973 VW Thing

The Corvair wasn’t the only car Ralph Nader considered suspiciously capable, he also raided the VW Thing for its safety deficiencies. Today’s good price or no dice The 181 might not be Nader’s cup of tea, but will its price prove pleasant to a risk-averse new owner?

Tomorrow’s on $10,000 1995 Rolls Royce Flying Spur Definitely cheap enough to warrant a cocked eyebrow or two. NSHowever, its missing title proved to be an annoying fly in the ointment. The result was that many of you considered Great Britain to be more trouble than it was worth, and In end, it Shy came with 55 percent no dice loss. Call this the “title wave” of the cult.

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Think about the minimum car you’ll need. You know, what’s going to be the most bare-bones auto you can imagine Takes you from point A to point B. Got it? OK, now take that image, set that feature up, and whittle it down a bit. what is left is of today 1973 Volkswagen 181, also known in America as a matter.

Fans of Charles Addams’ original Addams Family comics will remember Thing’s character so terrifying that only his human hand can be shown. vw things are not really all that terrible, and In fact, this 70,000 mile example sounds pretty solid, and adding to that, it Carries a new convertible top and side curtains.

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Originally intended as a quick alternative to the “Europa Jeep” project, which sought to build an all-weather patrol car for European security forces, the 181 The Type 1 Karman Ghia was built on a platform borrowed from Fitted along the portal axis from the starting bus and Suspension and steering borrowed from Beetle.

Cleverly designed with removable doors that were interchangeable from front to back and a windscreen that could be folded over its front boot-lid, easily The Alfresco 181 tried to capitalize on the VW-based dune buggy craze that was spreading around the world in the mid-60s.

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Unfortunately, with niceties like roll-up windows, sound-deading, and a tachometer, the 181 also lacked any kind of roll-over safeguard, side, front, or rear crash protection, or even an effective one. Three-point belt. Since it was originally classified as a truck rather than a car, the Thing was not required to meet the then-growing list of safety standards imposed by the US government. reclassification in 1975 as one of the 181 cars It was wrecked in the US, and the model was withdrawn from the US market that year..

This being a “73”, it omits the portal axles of older models for a completely independent set-up as in the contemporary bus. It also gets all its light from the Beetle and its bumpers… oh I don’t know, Jesse Whitney? front brake is Upgraded to Disc for a more assured experience.

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Power comes from a dual-port flat-four, which is probably a 1600, but it’s late in the game, who’s to say? It’s fed by a two-barrel carburetor and has a nice little brightwork on its air shroud tins and pulleys. It seems like it should run without any problems and these old VW engines are a great place to learn things like carb tuning and valve lash adjustments.

The interior has institutional furnishings and wooden slats in lieu of floor mats or carpet. This makes for an easy hose-out, especially if you lock the doors for better access.

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There isn’t a lot of detail in the ad, but there are a ton of pictures, even some of the chassis of the car. They Display There should be no road rot or other damage to the supporting structure. On the outside, the paint looks serviceable and the car has two dog-dish hub caps, which at least keep dirt off the front.

Unlike Yesterday’s Roller, This Thing has a title, and it claims to be obvious. Taking VW further away from the Flying Spur, its asking price is Totally three thousand dollars more expensive. That’s right, you could have the ultimate luxury sedan for t$10,000, or this basic Volkswagen trainer for $13,000. What’s wrong with this picture?

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Suffice to say, being basic, there’s little to go wrong with this Thing compared to the cheap rolls of yesterday. Does this make VW the better deal? What do you say, is this a demand for $13,000 worth of $181 as presented in its ad? Or, does that price mean it’s not your thingto hang?

You decide!

Baltimore, Maryland, Craigslist, or go Here If the ad disappears.

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