AR-15, gunpowder stolen from Deputy’s unmarked cruiser in series of car thefts

scheduled tribe. Johns County, Fla. – Four Jacksonville teens are in trouble after police say they took an AR-15 rifle, hundreds of rounds of ammunition, a silencer and body armor from a St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office patrol car.

Since the four teenagers are between the ages of 14 and 16, News4Jax is not identifying them by name. All the youths have been charged with theft.

According to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, several vehicles were burglarized in an undisclosed neighborhood. It is not clear whether the stolen vehicles were left uncovered.

One of the deputy involved in the theft was an unmarked patrol car. Investigators said the windows of the patrol car were smashed and the trunk containing the service rifle and ammunition was opened. A spokesman for the sheriff’s office said in a statement that the cruiser had been “locked up and armed.”

Investigators said about 600 bullets stolen were from an AR-15 rifle.

“That would equate to 30 boxes of this stuff. Each box holds 20 rounds,” explained Jade Farhat, sales manager for Green Acres Sporting Goods.


He offered a view for perspective on how much was stolen. He said 600 rounds of ammo for the rifle would fit in 20 magazines:

The photo shows rounds of ammunition for the AR-15. (Note: This is not the exact ammo that was stolen, but was intended to be used as a visual reference.)

Also, 400 rounds of 9 mm bullets were taken from the patrol car.

News4Jax crime and security expert Ken Jefferson says that AR-15 rifles, silencers and body armor as well as minors having too much ammo are a scary idea.

“We’re talking about teenagers who have already wreaked havoc by smashing into cars,” Jefferson said. “Who knows what they might have done?”

Police were taken to a house on Sandusky Avenue near Beach Blvd. A neighbor, who asked not to be identified, said that on the morning of September 6 she and her husband saw officers with guns outside their neighbor’s house.

“We came out after a while and there were 25 police vehicles in the neighbourhood,” said the neighbor.

Police say the couple, who own the house, are the grandparents of a suspect, aged 14. Investigators said the grandfather told police that his grandson and three of his grandson’s friends were inside. The two grandparents vacated the house, but police said the four teenagers barricaded themselves. Eventually all four surrendered.


The neighbor said that this is the second time he has seen the police at the house.

A spokesman for the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office issued a written statement about the theft from his patrol car. it reads:

“On September 6, a deputy sheriff with the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office was the victim of a car theft at his residence in Duval County. The unmarked vehicle was both locked and on alert. The incident took the suspects’ time and multiple layers of security. Forced force was used to break into the vehicle, causing considerable damage to the vehicle. All the stolen items except the agency radio and the gas mask were immediately recovered. Despite our best efforts, sometimes we too would be victims of some crime. We will review this incident and evaluate existing practices and procedures to ensure this does not happen again. The St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office will contact the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office for a quick response in solving this crime and recovering our sensitive items. would like to thank.

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