2 juveniles accused, wanted in 2 car thefts. News

MANCHESTER – Police arrested two teenagers and are looking for two others in connection with incidents that took place early Saturday, which involved vandalizing a car and running away from police in a stolen car and then on foot, police said.

Police said the first incident was theft in a sports utility vehicle in the Pioneer Circle area, at around 12:23 am. Went.

Police said officers responding to the scene saw the fleeing vehicle – a white Mazda CX-9 – leaving the area at high speed, with the driver driving erratically on West Center Street without lights, Police said. Police said the officers did not pursue the driver and the driver continued to move west.

Exactly 10 minutes later, police were notified of a suspicious vehicle – a white Mazda CX-9 – speeding through the parking lot of 150 Pine St., then a fence, police said. Police said an eyewitness saw the four teenagers escaped from the vehicle and fled.

Police said the witness told the police what all four of them were wearing – one in a green sweatshirt, the other in a gray sweatshirt and two in all black.

Police traced the white Mazda CX-9 and found it was stolen from a driveway on South Hawthorne Street on Thursday night after it was left open with the keys inside, police said.

Inside Mazda police found drug paraphernalia, a vehicle window punch and a pocketknife, which when closed, forms the shape of a firearm, police said.

Officers flooded the area and found two teens matching the description given by the witness on Center Street, police said. Police said they were two of four who fled Mazda, and upon being determined, one of the two teenagers put in their sight by police, then fled from officers, police said.

Police said officers chased the teen on West Center Street and took him into custody. The other two juveniles are absconding and police are trying to identify them, police said.

Police said the two men taken into custody were charged with first-degree burglary, third-degree burglary and possession of burglary equipment. More charges related to drugs and drug paraphernalia were registered against one juvenile, and another was booked for interfering with the police charge, who was chasing officers on foot, police said. said.

The investigation is active and anyone with information about the identities of the two teens is asked to call the police at 860-645-5500.

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