10 Daily German Cars That Are Serious Money Pits Money

Advanced German engineering always comes with hidden costs; high maintenance. Not only do cars require more maintenance, but those maintenance items cost more than the competition, then, when things go wrong and need repair or replacement (often no more than replacements on modern cars ) so their cost is very high.

Add to that higher labor rates, and you have a generally expensive car to deal with, no matter what the initial cost. This has disappointed many customers over the years, forcing more and more people to turn away from reputable German brands, experiencing far less “sheer driving pleasure” and more “sheer driving pain”.

Audi A4

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The Audis in the late ’00s have proven to be a maintenance nightmare, so although this was a period of major growth for the company, it also came with some growing pains.

2009 Audi A4

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Much is said about the smaller TT sports car, but as the A and S4 cars are closely related, the more sporty S (and TT) are quite expensive to drive, making it less understood that their base models The running cost of an A4 may cost you up to 40% of its initial purchase price in 10 years.


2021 BMW X3 Luxury SUV

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One of the most notorious brands when it comes to maintenance costs is BMW. They really make no bones about the fact that while their focus is on the driving experience, reliability and maintainability don’t show up regularly in their marketing.


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So it is not surprising that they have a strong presence on this list, if you are going to get this small SUV, expect to pay more than 35% of its purchase price in maintenance (if any spectacular failures along the way) are not)

Audi Q3

2021 Audi Q3 Side View


One thing that does ring some alarm bells is that these very expensive cars are now being made in China.

Facelifted Q3 in Blue


Say what you would about the steps they take in quality control, the materials they use, and the over-reliance on automation that will have a long-term impact. Expect to pay a lot more than an estimated 30% in 10 years

VW Jetta


Although the Jetta has been a popular choice for fleet owners in the past, its overall performance hasn’t been great, costing 35% of the purchase price over 10 years.

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Fuel economy is stellar, but we all know how things stack up with emissions. It’s an oxymoron of a car that shouldn’t cost as much to drive.

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Mini Cooper

MINI Cooper Roadster (2013)

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Mini, like their parent company BMW, is a luxury brand. It’s still a small car that can only realistically be used as a family runabout.


It should be a more reliable car, sadly it is not. Running costs are largely the same as the BMW platform on which they are based, eye-wateringly expensive, with half of the initial investment going out of your pocket in a decade. A fun car to drive, but it may be time to recalculate how expensive an entry level Porsche really is.

BMW 3-Series

2006 BMW 3 Series

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Over the years we’ve seen some extraordinary 3-series cars, all loaded with the latest technology, fun to drive and somehow comfortable to take on long road trips.

2006 BMW 3 Series

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What they are not is cheap to run, they never were and probably never will be. While mid-00s cars are especially expensive to drive, with a lot of new technology, you would have been able to buy yet another new 3-Series if you had saved the money you spent on maintenance and repairs.

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Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class

Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class Car for Cougars

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In the past, if you wanted to buy a reliable luxury car, you bought a Mercedes. Today they have forayed into many different market segments, with the crossover/small SUV trend in full swing, the GLA-class is nothing but a bow for the market.

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With the expensive AMG variant hitting the headlines, it is the more entry-level Mercedes that is quietly becoming the money pit. If you’re going to keep it for 10 years, expect to pay about 40% of the purchase price in maintenance.


2021 BMW X2 M Mesh Edition Quarter Rear

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In no way, shape or form we would try to argue that the X2 is cheap, but it is an entry-level luxury car by modern standards.


While it still has luxury car maintenance costs and will be a very expensive friend, even if you don’t factor in the very realistic possibility you will have a failure to deal with during your time there, no matter how long. Although it’s a bit cheaper, it costs about the same as the X3 to run.

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VW Passat

A Passat W8 Wagon in Silver


Now, one of the most infamous maintenance nightmares, still-aging luxury VWs are willing to take a shot at owning.

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With what is essentially an Audi platform, this Audi comes with running costs that are far beyond what you’d ever expect from the average VW, and the W8 pictured had more than a few reliability niggles.



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Sales of their smallest SUV have dropped dramatically over the years and there’s a clear reason for this.

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Relative to its low cost, the new car stands out as the most expensive car in the market. Although it will cost less to run, it costs the same as the X2 and 3.

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